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The wizard is here to help the user in the process of upgrading an existing installation. Various items need to be kept during the upgrade process:

  • scenarios/parsers/postoverflows : upstream scenarios need to be updated, while local/tainted ones need to be kept as-is
  • most configurations must be kept as-is (acquis.yaml *_credentials.yaml profiles.yaml simulation.yaml config.yaml)
  • database (especially if it's a SQLite file)

Patch upgrade --binupgrade

When doing a minor/patch upgrade (ie. 1.0.0 to 1.0.1), the --binupgrade feature should be the more appropriate : It will simply upgrade the existing binaries, letting all configurations untouched.

As any breaking change should lead to a version bump and appropriate warning, this is the safest option.

Minor upgrade --upgrade

When doing a minor upgrade (ie. 1.0.4 to 1.1.0), the --upgrade feature should be used : It will attempt to migrate and upgrade any existing configurations, include tainted/custom ones. The ambition is to be able to upgrade scenarios, parsers etc to the latest version when relevant, while keeping custom/tainted ones untouched.

It's using cscli config backup, creating a directory (usually /tmp/tmp.<random>) in which it's going to dump all relevant configurations before performing an upgrade :

  • configuration files : acquis.yaml *_credentials.yaml profiles.yaml simulation.yaml config.yaml
  • one directory for parsers, scenarios, postoverflows and collections, where it's going to store both reference to upstream configurations, and your custom/tainted ones

It is then going to cleanup crowdsec configuration, /etc/crowdsec/ content (except bouncers configuration), before deploying the new binaries. Once this is done, configuration will be restored from our temp directory using cscli config restore.

Major upgrade

For major upgrades (ie. 0.3.X to 1.0.X), wizard won't do the trick, and you'll have to rely on documentation to do so :

General warning

We strongly advise you against running crowdsec and LAPI in different versions. When upgrading existing setup, we suggest you to upgrade both crowdsec, cscli and LAPI.