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cscli is the utility that will help you to manage crowdsec-agent. This tool has the following functionalities:

  • manage decisions and alerts : This is how you monitor ongoing remediation and detections
  • manage configurations such as collections, parsers, scenarios : This is how you install/update 's detection capabilities and manage whitelists
  • interact with the hub to find new configurations or update existing ones
  • manage local api (LAPI) bouncers and machines : This allows you to manage LAPI credentials, this is how you make and bouncers comunicate
  • observe crowdsec via metrics or the dashboard : This is how you gain real-time observability
  • manage simulation configurations, allowing you to disable/modify remediation triggered by specific scenarios

Take a look at the dedicated documentation


You can enable cscli auto completion in bash or zsh.

You can find cscli completion documentation here.


cscli shares the configuration file of crowdsec-agent, usually in /etc/crowdsec/config.yaml