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How to configure metabase dasbhoard without docker

· One min read

cscli dashboard rely on docker to launch the metabase image. If docker is not installed on your machine, here are the step to follow to get crowdsec dashboards without docker:

  • Make crowdsec database reachable from metabase :
sudo mkdir /metabase-data/
sudo ln -s /var/lib/crowdsec/data/crowdsec.db /metabase-data/crowdsec.db
  • Launch Metabase:
sudo MB_DB_TYPE=h2 MB_DB_FILE=<absolute-path>/metabase.db/metabase.db java -jar metabase.jar

The default username is and the default password is !!Cr0wdS3c_M3t4b4s3??. Please update the password when you will connect to metabase for the first time

You can as well check liberodark's helper script for it.