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Version: v1.2

cscli machines add

cscli machines add#

add machine to the database.


Register a new machine in the database. cscli should be on the same machine as LAPI.

cscli machines add [flags]


cscli machines add --autocscli machines add MyTestMachine --autocscli machines add MyTestMachine --password MyPassword


  -a, --auto              automatically generate password (and username if not provided)  -f, --file string       output file destination (defaults to /etc/crowdsec/local_api_credentials.yaml)      --force             will force add the machine if it already exist  -h, --help              help for add  -i, --interactive       interfactive mode to enter the password  -p, --password string   machine password to login to the API  -u, --url string        URL of the local API

Options inherited from parent commands#

  -c, --config string   path to crowdsec config file (default "/etc/crowdsec/config.yaml")      --debug           Set logging to debug.      --error           Set logging to error.      --info            Set logging to info.  -o, --output string   Output format : human, json, raw.      --trace           Set logging to trace.      --warning         Set logging to warning.