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Get started with the Console

Get started with the Console

Watch a short series of videos on how to get started with the CrowdSec Console and enroll your first Security Engine

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The CrowdSec console is a web-based interface provided by CrowdSec, offering a wide range of features and capabilities to enhance your experience with CrowdSec:

  • Security Engine Management: You can aggregate, tag, and classify your Engines, all without the need for them to share a common local API. This allows you to organize and manage multiple Engines more effectively.

  • Real-Time Alert Handling: The Console enables you to view, filter, and export alerts in real-time. This means you can react promptly to security events and take immediate action.

  • Third-Party Blocklists: Enhance your security operations by leveraging third-party blocklists. You have the flexibility to import blocklists from various sources, including widely recognized open-source blocklists.

  • Alert Statistics and Insights: Gain access to comprehensive statistics and insights regarding your alerts. This feature allows you to analyze and understand your security landscape, helping you make informed decisions.

  • Organization Management: The Console provides tools for efficiently managing your organization's security operations. You can organize users, configure multi-factor authentication (MFA), and more to ensure robust security practices.

  • And much more: Beyond the mentioned features, the CrowdSec Console offers a host of additional functionalities to empower your security operations and enhance your overall experience.

Whether you're an individual user or part of a larger organization, the CrowdSec Console serves as a powerful hub for maximizing the benefits of CrowdSec's security solutions.

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CrowdSec ConsoleCrowdSec Console