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Version: v0.3

Migration from v0.X to v1.X


Migrating to V1.X will impact (any change you made will be lost and must be adapted to the new configuration) :

  • Database model : your existing database will be lost, a new one will be created in the V1.

  • CrowdSec configuration :

    • /etc/crowdsec/config/default.yaml
    • /etc/crowdsec/config/profiles.yaml

To upgrade CrowdSec from v0.X to v1, we'll follow those steps

Backup up configuration

sudo cscli backup save /tmp/crowdsec_backup
sudo cp -R /etc/crowdsec/config/patterns /tmp/crowdsec_backup

Uninstall old version & install new

Download latest V1 CrowdSec version here or use the from your downloaded package.

tar xvzf crowdsec-release.tgz
cd crowdsec-v1*/
sudo ./ --uninstall

Don't forget to remove Metabase dashboard if you installed it manually (without cscli).

Install latest version

Follow the steps to install the latest version

Restore configuration


Before restoring old backup, if you have local or tainted postoverflows, be aware that they are no longer compatible. You should update the syntax (the community and us are available to help you doing this part).

sudo cscli hub update
sudo cscli config restore --old-backup /tmp/crowdsec_backup/
sudo cp -R /tmp/crowdsec_backup/patterns /etc/crowdsec/

Upgrade Bouncers

If you were using Bouncers (formerly called blocker(s)), you need to replace them by the new compatibles Bouncers, available on the hub (selecting agent version to v1).

Following your bouncer type (netfilter, nginx, wordpress etc...), you need to replace them by the new available Bouncers on the hub, please follow the Bouncers documentation that will help you to install easily.

We're also available to help (on discourse or gitter) upgrading your Bouncers.

CrowdSec ConsoleCrowdSec Console