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Version: v1.0

Install CrowdSec

For those that prefer hands-on approach, you can as well manually install crowdsec.

Install our repositories

Installing our repositories allows you to access the latest packages of crowdsec and bouncers.


We are using service. While curl | sudo bash can be convenient for some, alternative installation methods are available.

curl -s | sudo bash

Install crowdsec

apt install crowdsec

You now have crowdsec running ! You can move forward and install a bouncer, or take a tour of the software beforehand !


Keep in mind that CrowdSec is only in charge of the "detection", and won't block anything on its own. You need to deploy a bouncer to "apply" decisions.

Install a bouncer

apt install crowdsec-firewall-bouncer-iptables

While we're suggesting the most common firewall bouncer, check our hub for more bouncers. Find a bouncer directly for your application (nginx, php, wordpress) or your providers (cloudflare, AWS/GCP/...)