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Version: v1.2


Enrichers are parsers that can rely on external methods to provide extra contextual information to the event. The enrichers are usually in the s02-enrich stage (after most of the parsing happened).

Enrichers functions should all accept a string as a parameter, and return an associative string array, that will be automatically merged into the Enriched map of the Event.


At the time of writing, enrichers plugin mechanism implementation is still ongoing (read: the list of available enrichment methods is currently hardcoded).

As an example let's look into the geoip-enrich parser/enricher :

It relies on the geolite2 data created by maxmind and the geoip2 golang module to provide the actual data.

It exposes three methods : GeoIpCity GeoIpASN and IpToRange that are used by the crowdsecurity/geoip-enrich. Enrichers can be installed as any other parsers with the following command:

sudo cscli parsers install crowdsecurity/geoip-enrich

Take a tour at the Hub to find them !

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