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Version: v1.5.0


Console Management

The CrowdSec security engine is now able to receive instructions from the console. This is done via a polling API, it means that the CrowdSec Local API will use long polling to get orders from the CrowdSec Console. Currently, only 4 orders are available:

  • Adding decisions from the console
  • Delete decisions from the console
  • Force pull the community-blocklist/third party list when an instance subscribe/unsubscribe to a blocklist in the Console
  • Reauth to CAPI, when for example an instance is added to a tag

Enable console management

The console management is still under feature flag on the CrowdSec Security Engine side. There are two ways to enable this feature flag:

  • Create or edit /etc/crowdsec/feature.yaml with the following flag
- papi_client
  • Add this environement variable to the crowdsec service file with sudo systemctl edit crowdsec.service:

And then reload the systemctl daemon with sudo systemctl daemon-reload

Now that the feature flag is enabled, we need to enable the option on the LAPI side:

sudo cscli console enable console_management
sudo systemctl restart crowdsec

The console_management is now enabled and our CrowdSec Security Engine is ready to receive orders from the CrowdSec Console.