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Version: v1.5.0

Versions matrix

Maintenance policy

The last two major releases are supported. Hence as of now 1.4.4 and 1.3.4 are supported. Crowdsec is open-source, and as such, we may not be aware of all the channels of crowdsec distribution. Our official distribution channel is for packages, and github

Matrix Versions

OSPlatformDistributionDistribution VersionCrowdSec VersionCrowdSec Location
Linuxamd64/arm64/armhfDebianbookworm/bullseye/buster/stretch1.4.4 and 1.3.4packagecloud
Linuxamd64/arm64RedHat/CentOS6/7/8/91.4.4 and 1.3.4packagecloud
Linuxamd64/arm64/armel/armhf/i386/mips64el/mipsel/ppc64el/s390xDebian1.0.9official debian repository
Linuxamd64/arm64Fedora34/35/36/371.4.4 and 1.3.4packagecloud
Linuxamd64/arm64Amazon linux21.4.4 and 1.3.4packagecloud
Linuxamd64/arm64Ubuntu Linux16.04/18.04/20.04/22.04/ and 1.3.4packagecloud
Windowsamd64to be defined1.4.4github releases
Windowsamd64to be defined1.4.2chocolatey
Linuxalmost all OpenWRT supported platformOpenWRT21.02/ repository
helm chartamd64/arm64helmN/A1.4.4helm chart
home assitantamd64/arm64dockerN/A1.4.4crowdsecurity home assistant addon repo

Note: There is a subtile difference between armel, armhf and armv7: armel and armhf are the ports name defined by debian, armel is available on armv6 capable processer and higher, and armhf is available on armv7 capable and higher.


Linux packages are maintained by CrowdSec and shipped through repositories. Issues for packages have to be created directly against the crowdsec source repository. Packages are published automatically few hours after each new releases.

There are two public repositories:

Note: There is a version on official debian repository as well.


FreeBSD ports are updated via requests to

Anybody can open issues or even updates but most packages have an official maintainer (@mmetc for crowdsec). Issues are reviewed by maintainers, then by committers or by the ports management team. A proper review process is in place therefore updates can take a few days.

To see pending issues related to crowdsec or the bouncers, search "crowdsec". To see closed issues as well, search for "ALL crowdsec"

The state of the packages for the several FreeBSD versions and architectures can be seen at

Usually packages apprear in the repository updates (quarterly or latest), but if required they can be installed directly, for example:

$ pkg add

The repository for work-in-progress ports is, once tested they are submitted in bugzilla.

The following packages have been ported so far:

[1] read-only mirror of also on


OPNsense has its own port tree, which tracks the main branch from freebsd: Updates are frequent (often daily) but can be delayed for code freeze or holidays. The source of the crowdsec plugin is in and it depends on the crowdsec and firewall bouncer packages. New versions are pushed via pull requests on the github repository.


CrowdSec Windows releases are available for download few minutes after releasing directly on the release page of github.

We do our best to keep an up to date version in chocolatey repository as well. It has go through a moderation process, so we don't have any grasp on the publication timeline.

Issues have to be filed directly against the crowdsec source repository