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Version: v1.5.0


The profiles configuration allows users to configure which kind of remediation should be applied when a scenario is triggered. The profile can be used to:

  • increase or decrease decisions duration (default: 4h)
  • decide the type of remediation that should be applied (default: ban)
  • decide the scope of the remediation (default: ip)
  • enable/disable debugging for a specific profile
  • enable notification plugins to receive warnings via mail, slack or other means

The profiles configuration is located in /etc/crowdsec/profiles.yaml.

You can also write your profiles in a profiles.yaml.local file (as explained in Crowdsec configuration), and they will be read before profiles.yaml. In this case, you may want to provide on_success: break because the YAML files are not merged together, but read as a single multi-document configuration.

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