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Console Management

🌟 Premium feature

The CrowdSec Security Engine is now able to receive instructions from the console. This is done via a polling API, it means that the CrowdSec Local API will use long polling to get orders from the CrowdSec Console. Currently, only 4 orders are available:

  • Adding decisions from the console
  • Delete decisions from the console
  • Force pull the community-blocklist/third party list when an instance subscribe/unsubscribe to a blocklist in the Console
  • Reauth to CAPI, when for example an instance is added to a tag

Enable console management


These steps are only needed if you are using CrowdSec version below 1.6.0. We advise to update to the latest version of CrowdSec to benefit from the latest features and security patches.

There are two ways to enable this feature flag:

  • Create or edit /etc/crowdsec/feature.yaml with the following flag
- papi_client
  • Add this environement variable to the crowdsec service file with sudo systemctl edit crowdsec.service:

And then reload the systemctl daemon with sudo systemctl daemon-reload

Now that the feature flag is enabled, we need to enable the option on the LAPI side:

sudo cscli console enable console_management
sudo systemctl restart crowdsec

The console_management is now enabled and our CrowdSec Security Engine is ready to receive orders from the CrowdSec Console.