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Post Installation Steps

Now that you have installed CrowdSec, we have a post installation steps to help continue your journey. However, if you encounter an error whilst installing you can follow our troubleshooting guide.

1. CrowdSec Console

The CrowdSec Console is a web-based interface provided by CrowdSec, offering a wide range of features and capabilities to enhance your experience with CrowdSec.

See the dedicated CrowdSec Console guide for more information.

2. Acquisitions


Acquisitions are sources of logs that CrowdSec can analyze.

By default when CrowdSec is installed it will attempt to detect the running services and acquire the appropriate parsers and scenarios. However, not all services are detected, and you may want to manually acquire parsers and scenarios for services that are not detected.

See the dedicated Acquisition guide for more information.

3. Profiles


Profiles are a set of rules that drives what decisions will be taken by CrowdSec.

CrowdSec comes with a default profile that is suitable for most use cases. However, you may want to create a custom profile to suit your specific needs.

See the dedicated Profiles guide for more information.

4. Metrics


Metrics are a way to monitor the behavior of CrowdSec.

CrowdSec comes with a prometheus endpoint that can be used to get insights into the behavior of CrowdSec.

See the dedicated Metrics guide for more information.