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Version: v1.4.0

Publishing bouncers

We do welcome bouncers from the community, and will gladly publish them on the hub.

Why ?#

Sharing your bouncer on the hub allows other users to find and use it. While increasing your code's visibility, it also ensures a benevolent evaluation by the community and our team.

How ?#

To have your bouncer published on the hub, please simply open a new issue on the hub, requesting "bouncer inclusion". The bouncer will then be reviewed by the team, and published directly on the hub, for everyone to find & use it!

The information that should be stated in your issue is:

  • Source repository of your bouncer (for example
  • Software licence used
  • Current status of the bouncer (stage: dev/unstable/stable)
  • Documentation (can be simply in the
    • must contain: installing, uninstalling
    • should contain: configuration documentation
  • Link to existing tests if applicable (either functional or unit tests)

Please take care of the following :

  • Ensure your repository has a About/Short description meaningful enough: it will be displayed in the hub
  • Ensure your repository has a decent file: it will be displayed in the hub
  • Ensure your repository has at least one release: this is what users will be looking for
  • (ideally) Have a "social preview image" on your repository: this will be displayed in the hub when available
  • (ideally) A Howto or link to a guide that provides a hands-on experience with the bouncer

You can follow this template:

I would like to suggest the addition of the `XXXX` to the hub :
- Source repository: Licence: MIT- Current status: stable (has been used in production for a while)- README/doc: Existing tests:
  - functional tests:
- Short/Long description: OK- Howto: in README- At least one release: yes