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Version: v1.5.0

Parsers, Scenarios, Collections allow the Security Engine to detect and block malevolent behavior.

Supporting new services or improving the detection capabilities on existing software is a great way to contribute.

Sharing your parsers, scenarios and collections on the hub allows other users to use them to protect themselves.


Anyone can open an issue about parsers/scenarios, or contribute a change with a pull request (PR) to the crowdsecuity/hub GitHub repository. You need to be comfortable with git and GitHub to work effectively.

To get involved :

  • Have a look at open issues and pull requests
  • Clone the hub repository
  • Create/Modify parsers/scenarios/collections
  • Create/Modify tests to ensure proper coverage
  • Open a pull request


Technical Documentation

The following explains how to create and test:


It often makes sense for a new parser or scenario to be added to an existing collection, or create a new one.

If your parsers and/or scenarios cover a new or specific service, having a dedicated collection for this service makes sense. In other cases, having a parser for SpecificWebServer access logs would justify a collection as it might also include all the default http related scenarios.

Preparing your contribution

Before asking for a review of your PR, please ensure you have the following:

  • tests: Test creation is covered in parsers creation and scenarios creation. Ensure that each of your parser or scenario is properly tested.
  • documentation: Please provide a .md file with the same name as each of your parser, scenario or collection. The markdown is rendered in the hub.
  • documentation: If you're creating a collection targeting a specific log file, be sure to provide an acquis example as :

## Acquisition template

Example acquisition for this collection :

- /var/log/xxx/*.log
type: something

## Open your PR

Everything is all set, you can now open a PR, that will be reviewed and merged!