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Version: v1.6.0

File helpers


File helpers do not load the file into memory, but rather use a cache on initial startup to avoid loading the same file multiple times. Please see the data property on how to configure the Security Engine to load the file.

File(FileName) []string

Returns the content of FileName as an array of string, while providing cache mechanism.

evt.Parsed.some_field in File('some_patterns.txt')

any(File('rdns_seo_bots.txt'), { evt.Enriched.reverse_dns endsWith #})

RegexpInFile(StringToMatch, FileName) bool

Returns true if the StringToMatch is matched by one of the expressions contained in FileName (uses RE2 regexp engine).

RegexpInFile( evt.Enriched.reverse_dns, 'my_legit_seo_whitelists.txt')