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Decisions Management

Console Management

CrowdSec Local API is able to receive or delete local decisions from the Console.

Adding decision

From the Console, it is possible to add a decision for your whole organization, for instances that belong to a tag or to one or more instances.

  • Click on the "Add a decision" button in the "Decisions" tab:

Add decision button

  • Then enter the IP address you want to ban, the remediation type, the duration, a reason and select the target of this decision:

In this example, we are adding a ban decision on for 4h because it is a Bad IP, to my two instances.

Add decision

And we can see in the CrowdSec Local API logs that we received this new decision:

time="31-03-2023 10:01:22" level=info msg="Received order 96384829-4dfd-4759-9e99-6b007dcf6452 from PAPI (1 decisions)"
time="31-03-2023 10:01:22" level=info msg="Adding decision for '' with UUID: b0ab6879-99b0-4960-8e80-c231ff22aa6c"
time="31-03-2023 10:01:22" level=info msg="(console) ban decision from console by ip : 4h ban on ip"
time="31-03-2023 10:01:29" level=info msg="Signal push: 1 signals to push"
sudo cscli decisions list
│ ID │ Source │ Scope:Value │ Reason │ Action │ Country │ AS │ Events │ expiration │ Alert ID │
51093289 │ console │ ip: │ Bad IP │ ban │ │ │ 0 │ 3h55m45.776620725s │ 13404

Deleting decision

  • Go to the decision you want to delete. You can then choose if you want to delete the decision on all the machines, or only on the specified machine:

Delete decision

  • And confirm that you want to delete it:

Delete decision confirm

And we can see that our CrowdSec Local API received the order to delete the decision:

time="31-03-2023 11:41:52" level=info msg="Decision from 'console' for '' (ban) has been deleted"
time="31-03-2023 11:42:01" level=info msg="sync decisions: 1 deleted decisions to push" interval=10 source=papi