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Version: v1.5.0

Templating helpers

In order to simplify some operation in the templates, we provide some custom helpers.


The Sprig library is available in the templates, and provides a lot of useful functions. Refer to the sprig documentation for more information.

Crowdsec specific helpers


Returns the hostname of the machine running crowdsec.

GetMeta(alert, key)

Return the list of meta values for the given key in the specified alert.

{{ range . }}
{{ $alert := .}}
{{ GetMeta $alert "username"}}
{{ end }}


Queries the crowdsec CTI API to get information about an IP based on the smoke database.

Documentation on the available fields and methods is here.

  {{range . -}}
{{$alert := . -}}
:flag-{{$alert.Source.Cn}}: <{{$alert.Source.IP}}|{{$alert.Source.IP}}> triggered *{{$alert.Scenario}}* ({{$alert.Source.AsName}}) : Maliciousness Score is
{{- $cti := $alert.Source.IP | CrowdsecCTI -}}
{{" "}}{{mulf $cti.GetMaliciousnessScore 100 | floor}} %
{{- end }}