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Version: v1.0

Contribute to the Hub

Contributing to the parsers/scenarios#

If you want to contribute your parser or scenario to the community and have them appear on the Crowdsec Hub, you should open a merge request on the hub.

We are currently working on a proper CI for the Crowdsec Hub, so for now all contribution are subject to peer-review, please bear with us !

Publishing parsers, scenarios and collections#

Why ?#

Sharing your parsers, scenarios and collections on the hub allows other users to find it and use it. While increasing your code's visibility, it ensures as well a benevolent look from the community and the team over it.

How ?#

To have your parser/scenario published on the hub, please simply open a new issue on the hub, requesting "parser/scenario inclusion". The configurations will then be reviewed by the team, and then will be published directly on the hub, for everyone to find & use it !